About TV Gal®

When Amy Amatangelo was little, her parents limited the amount of TV she could watch. You can see how well THAT worked out. Back when the Internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye, Amy created and wrote the “TV Gal” column for Digital City Boston and became one of the first online columnists to write about television.  She eventually moved her thrice weekly “TV Gal” blog to Zap2it.com where it ran for over 10 years. Additionally, Amy regularly contributed to the Boston Herald and,for seven years, penned the popular “Watch This” column that ran in the Sunday Boston Herald. Amy has also written for The Washington Post and Channel Guide Magazine.

Her work can currently be found in PasteMagazine.comEmmys.com, xFinityTV, Boston Globe Magazine and Emmy Magazine. Amy is a member of the Television Critics Association, was an expert commentator on the TV Land special The 100 Greatest Quotes and Catchphrases and regularly appears on WGN Radio (Chicago) and Kiss 108 (Boston) to talk about TV.

Amy liked the ending of Lost, is actually happy The Killing will be back for a fourth season and credits the original 90210 for her life-long devotion to teen dramas.  She stays up at night worrying that Kelly and Dylan never got back together and really thinks Olivia Pope needs to join match.com so she can meet a new guy.

8 thoughts on “About TV Gal®

  1. I was so bummed when you quit zap2it. I followed you to the BH’s Watch This, but it wasn’t the same as TV Gal. I’m soooo glad you are back!!!!!

  2. Wow! Surfing the net today and saw a link to Zap2It. Made me think of you, so I googled. Am thrilled to know you’re back online! Hope all is well. I missed your column. P.S. I still want Dylan and Brenda together! 🙂

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