Let’s talk about ‘The Good Wife’

Photo: Justin Stephens/ CBS Broadcasting Inc

Photo: Justin Stephens/ CBS Broadcasting Inc

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

I’ve been meaning to get this post up since last week but several other deadlines loomed and I didn’t have the time. And I thought I love The Good Wife. You love The Good Wife. There’s plenty to still talk about. I will warn you that there are some (relatively mild) spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Each week I review The Good Wife episodes over at PasteMagazine.com (you can read my latest review here). Last week I participated in a conference call with Robert and Michele King, the creators and executive producers of the series. Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming up as The Good Wife winds down its fourth season:

  1. The gubernatorial election will take place this season. Matthew Perry’s Republican Mike Kresteva is back on March 24. The Kings would not say whether Peter would win the election but did say the way Chris Noth’s schedule works it would work out fine for the show if Peter were in Springfield at the Governor’s mansion and Alicia remained in Chicago. My guess is Peter will win the election  – it’s a more interesting angle for the show to take. This season, The Good Wife proved Alicia had no trouble using Peter’s position to further her own career (it’s why she was the one cherry picked to become partner). I’m kind of fascinated to see what happens when her husband is Governor. And, if he does become Governor, the Kings say he will turn his attention  to becoming President, which would be very, very interesting.
  2. The little Alicia/Will/Peter love triangle will continue. “It’s Alicia struggling with her attraction to two men and we are going to explore that all the way until the end of the year,” Robert King said. “Before she could tell herself it was not adultery. It’s getting a lot more difficult,” Michele King added. My whole thing with Alicia and Peter is sometimes I watch them together and think, “Ah yes the show is reminding us that Peter and Alicia were once in love and were in a marriage together and have a history.”  But sometimes I  watch the scenes and think “Alicia is just using Peter like he used her.” Discuss. (As an aside, I would definitely pick the man who knows the lyrics to the Growing Pains theme song over Mr. Big, but that’s just me.)
  3. Will we find out Kalinda’s role in Nick’s disappearance?  Producers declined to answer, but they were clear we would not be seeing Nick again (hooray!). Whatever happened with Nick, it will continue to change Kalinda. “ Kalinda is someone who is constantly resisting connection but also there’s something within her that’s trying to find connection to other people and I think that situation is just going to propel her closer to want to reach out,” Robert King said. My speculation is that Kalinda is eventually going to want to talk to someone about it (maybe Alicia? Maybe Cary?). And , by the way, I TOTALLY think Cary and Kalinda slept together in the last episode.
  4. Things are about to get really ugly. “Civil war is where we are headed with the firm,” Robert King promised. Last Sunday, Kalinda told Cary to stop but don’t look for that to happen.  “He’s in this mode of ‘I’ve been screwed over now it’s my turn,'” Robert said.
  5. Mamie Gummer will be back before the end of the season to reprise her role of Nancy Crozier.  I’m not sure this will allow me to forgive her for Emily Owens, M.D, but it’s a start. The producers would also love to have Anna Camp reprise her role of Caitlin but nothing is confirmed yet.  I would love to see Caitlin back on The Good Wife because I have long contended that Caitlin was playing the long, long game. Don’t you think if Cary starts his own firm she could pop up? You know who else could join Cary in his new firm? Nathan Lane’s Hayden Clarke, who is now a lawyer. This is just speculation on my part but I’m putting it out there.
  6. Just a heads up on the guest stars we will be seeing in addition to Perry and Gummer – Stockard Channing (who will return as Alicia’s mom), Will Chase (last seen as Michael Swift on Smash), Dylan Baker (back as the dastardly Colin Sweeney), Gary Cole (back as Kurt McVeigh), Morena Baccarin (back as Isobel Swift), John Shea (back as Cary’s dad), and John Noble (Fringe).

What are your thoughts on The Good Wife? Do you think Kalinda killed Nick? Do you think she slept with Cary? Is Peter going to win the election? Would you sing the Growing Pains theme song with Will? Talk about it below.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about ‘The Good Wife’

  1. Thanks for the great article! Great read!
    I do have one question, you say “Alicia is just using Peter like he used her” can I get some examples on this? Cause I know there has been talk about Alicia loves the power and all of this but I never really seen much evidence on that. It’s almost as “sometimes” she doesn’t even like to uses Peter’s name. I mean not always, and she definitely seems more comfortable with it now, but is not really a theme I have seen play at as much as people say it. So would love to hear your thoughts on that some more.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I was more thinking that she’s using him for sex – to distract her from her attraction to Will, to show that she now has the upper hand in their relationship. Alicia has also evolved over the seasons. She went from not wanting to use Peter’s name to understanding and embracing how it is helping her career.

      • Ahhh you mean with sex. Ok, I guess I totally disagree about Alicia’s motivation for having sex with Peter. Her and Will broke up months ago. Her decision to sleep with Peter, really had nothing to do with Will really, I feel. I am not saying her having sex with Peter was out of love, but I surely don’t think it was because of Will. (And to show she has an upper hand, maybe, cause in reality she does, not the same rules anymore) Also in the past few episodes, we are seeing another shift from Alicia about how close she is getting to Peter, I mean agreeing to go on a date with him? Thats not just about sex, what do you make of that?
        And yes she has embraced using his name to advance her career. I just feel its been so inconsistant at times, I need more proof of this. Remember in 4.01 when Z or G say “Lets just use dad’s name” and Alicia seems a bit shock by this and a bit disgusted by the idea lol. So yea definitely an interesting balance for her, of not wanting to use his name, but also knowing it benefits her. Would love to see this explored more!

        Thanks for answering! 🙂

  2. It makes my heart hurt to think of Cary going against the Will/Diane/Alicia trifecta. I alternate between wanting to give him a hug and wanting to slap some sense into him. Matt Czuchry has quietly been a revelation in the role, while all the attention (male-wise) has been on his “bigger” (namewise) co-stars.

    I would also love to have Caitlin back as well but I don’t know how they could justify her return after the way she was written out. Sure, it was rushed and a little out-of-left-field, but I actually kinda like that it completely threw Alicia for six – a sign that maybe Alicia was becoming a bit too shark-like – a bit less “Good” but getting more “Wife” like (with what was happening with Peter) if you will. Anyway, back to Caitlin – it seemed she was pretty honest about her reasons for leaving and I don’t know how they could do justice to her doing a 180 so quickly. Although, I would LOVE them to try – more often than not this show goes where it shouldn’t and somehow it works (Kalinda/Nick aside).

  3. My only issue with the show right now is I don’t like the way they introduced the TR Knight character or how he’s been utilized so far. I mean are we supposed to like this guy? hate him? I’m still not even exactly sure what he does.

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