Earth Day Giveaway!

saving the ocean cod

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

I don’t often talk about world events in my blog. I figure you have plenty of other places to go for that news and commentary. But, as you know, last week was a very difficult week for the city I call my home. I feel so blessed that all my family and friends are safe and that none of them were affected by this tragedy. But, like so many of you, I cannot stop thinking about those who were not so fortunate. Those who lost their lives and those whose lives are irrevocably changed. My thoughts and prayers are with them and with the city of Boston.

I’m so delighted that I have something fun and uplifting to share with you today. Thanks to Chedd-Angier Productions, I have two copies of Saving the Ocean to giveaway in celebration of Earth Day. In this 10-part PBS series (click here to find where it’s playing in your area) , marine biologist and author Carl Safina travels the globe to talk with the people who are making a positive difference in the ocean and in marine life.

So often when we talk about the environment, it is in negative terms about all the things that are going wrong. Saving the Ocean takes a wonderful look at all the things that are going right.  Safina pets whales, plays with baby sharks, and confronts the deadly lion fish. He is always looking at the solutions and his enthusiasm is infectious.

We could all use something a little inspiring this week. In the comment section below, tell me what you are doing to celebrate Earth Day or the little things you do to help the environment. I will pick two winners at random from the comments. You have until Thursday, April 25 at 5 p.m. ET to post your answers.

Thanks and Happy Earth Day!

5 thoughts on “Earth Day Giveaway!

  1. I remember being a senior in high school at Tempe High School in Tempe AZ and finding out they were doing an Earth Day celebration at Arizona State. The very first one in 1970. A huge protest to start protecting the earth. I went, because: #1: I was editor of the yearbook, and could just tell my advisor it could be used as an add on; and #2: I could tell my kids that I protested one time. I did convince my advisor, and I did tell my girls. And to this day I recycle, use real dishes and cloth napkins.

  2. I am one of those people who is all about celebrating Earth Day every day. 🙂 Much to the chagrin of my husband, I don’t allow any lawn chemicals to be used, I use homemade cleaners rather than store-bought chemicals, and I try to buy a smaller, more fuel-efficient car each time. I also blog about my hippie dippie lifestyle at

  3. Our small small city has a limited amount of items that they pick up to recycle. However, more are accepted at the recycling station outside of town. So we collect bags and bags of our plastics that can`t be picked up and take them out to the recycling station every few months.

    Also at my work – in the Children`s Department of a library – we reuse lots of things for crafts for the kids. We integrate everything from old wrapping paper to toilet paper rolls into crafts.

  4. I am going to talk to 4th graders about
    the importance of trees in our lives &
    then teach them how to plant and care
    for a small black spruce that each will take home. It will be a Happy Earth Day for us!

  5. I reuse and recycle as much as possible, and bike, walk, or take public transportation whenever I can. Many people think you can’t do this with kids, but my son loves riding the bus or riding behind me in our bike trailer.

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