Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal®

Back by popular demand and because I love doing them, I bring you the best familiar faces and quotes on TV last week.

Where Have I Seen Them Before

Jamie Chung played Mulan on Once Upon a Time – we will see quite a bit of her this season. Chung was Ed Helms’ fiancée Lauren in The Hangover II. Michael Raymond-James was the mysterious man at the beginning of the episode who received a postcard with the word “broken” on it. He was Britt on the much-missed Terriers (if you didn’t see this show when it was on, you need to watch it now.) He was also Rene Lenier on True Blood.  Sarah Bolger was Princess Aurora. Bolger was Mary Tudor on The Tudors and if you really want to feel old she was also the little girl Christy in the movie In America. Julian Morris was Prince Phillip. He’s Wren on Pretty Little Liars, Dr. Andrew Wade in the final season of ER and Anders on the short-lived My Generation.

Todd Grinnell is Charlotte’s sketchy doctor on Revenge. He was Andrew’s boyfriend on Desperate Housewives and I always remember him from the comedy Four Kings.

Kurt Fuller is Kristina’s doctor on Parenthood. He was on the dad on the comedy Better With You (another show that aired that I totally could have used a support group for).He also recurs as Judge Peter Dunaway on The Good Wife and as Woody on Psych. Rose Abdoo was Gwen, the cancer patient Kristina befriended. She plays Sam on Bunheads, which of course also means she was on Gilmore Girls, where she played Gypsy.

David Walton was Jess’ blind date Sam on New Girl. Walton is in my “I wish he had a hit show” file. He played opposite Amanda Peete on Bent last season (a show that never got the chance it deserved) and was also Vance on Perfect Couples.

Erynn recognized Dallas Roberts, who plays Alicia’s brother Owen on The Good Wife, as the husband of the victim on Elementary.  He was also Miles in Rubicon.

Jeremy Davidson was the District Attorney giving Alicia a difficult time on The Good Wife. He’s Chase on Army Wives and Kitty’s boyfriend Jack on Brothers & Sisters.

Michael Trucco is currently playing Robin’s boyfriend Nick on How I Met Your Mother. He was also Kate’s boyfriend Detective Tom Demming on Castle and Samuel Anders on Battlestar Galactica.

It was driving me crazy trying to figure out how I knew Daniella Alonso, the actress playing Nora on Revolution. And so much better to worry about a familiar face then to think about how utterly ridiculous and poorly acted Revolution is (I need to begin my character relocation program for Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito stat!).  Alonso was Carlotta, the nurse for Saracen’s grandmother on Friday Night Lights.  She was also Brenda on My Generation so it’s good to see that those actors are all finding work.

Quotes of the Week

“So you’re not their favorite parent. You’re a solid second place.” Mike to Frankie when she finds out the kids prefer Mike over her on The Middle.

“As my uncle used to say: let’s not let a botched kidnapping ruin a perfectly good afternoon.”  Shorty to Jay on Modern Family.

“You must leave because despite what you hope, I’m still a monster.”  Mr. Gold to Belle on Once Upon a Time.

“He wants to protect you for anything bad happening and here’s the thing: the bad thing is already happening.” The cancer patient Gwen to Kristina about Adam on Parenthood.

“Are you cooking a frittata in a sauce pan? What is this? Prison?” Schmidt to Jess on New Girl.

“And you were right – I had no idea.” Castle to Beckett on the season premiere of Castle. Thanks to Lisa who sent in this quote and reminded me that the line referenced the exchange between Castle and Beckett at the end of the show’s first episode.

That’s a wrap up of some of last week’s best familiar faces and quotes. Remember to email me your favorite quotes and familiar faces through my contact page.

7 thoughts on “Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week

  1. How I’ve missed these! I cannot tell you how many times I saw a familiar face over the past 2.5 years & wished I could read about it on your blog! So happy you are back :).

  2. Yay! I love that these are back. Can’t wait for more. Also, in the no idea they were married category: David Walton is married to Majandra Delfino from Roswell. I always liked her and I’ve been a fan of David’s since 100 Questions aired. I was so excited when I read they are married.

  3. FInally! I can stop Googling names and just wait for your Where Have I Seen Them Column. So much more efficient use of time!

  4. Your last two familiar faces are mainly familiar to me from early One Tree Hill, which makes me so sad. Michael Trucco was Nate’s uncle Cooper and Daniella Alonso was Felix’s sister Anna, who kind of dated Lucas but really had a crush on Peyton.

  5. Hey Amy – thanks for the shout out in “Quotes of the Week”! So glad it and “Where Have I Seen Them Before” are back.

  6. So glad to see the ‘where have you seen them before?’ section again. My friends and I always have this conversation after we see shows. Longtime follower of your column over at Zap2it, glad to see you have this blog.

    I also enjoyed the quote from The Mindy Project, “Tattling is when a little girl does it, when a hot woman does it, it’s called whistleblowing.”

    Also do you know if Prince Phillip from Once Upon a Time is really dead ‘dead’? I kinda loved the chemistry between him and Aurora and the semi-triangle that would have brewed up with Mulan liking him as well.

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