ls ‘Glee’ Out of Ideas? Should we trust Claire on ‘The Following’ and other TV questions

CR: Bob Mahoney/FOX

CR: Bob Mahoney/FOX

By Amy Amatangelo ®

Here are my biggest TV questions this week:

1. Is Claire Matthews secretly one of Joe Carroll’s followers on The Following?

The first season of 24 changed me as a viewer. I trust no one now. No one. And just as Nina was revealed to be a traitor in the first season finale of 24, I don’t think Claire is as innocent as she seems. She was married to Joe. How is it that she suspected nothing exactly? Clearly The Following loves surprising viewers (witness the little menage-a-followers in last night’s episode). Could this be the big surprise of the season? Was Claire’s relationship with Ryan merely a ruse to distract him? I’m doubling down on this one – Claire is not what she seems. Who’s with me?

2.  Is there a more cringing inducing story line that Tina lusting after Blaine on Glee?

Honestly is Glee completely out of ideas? Shows always suffer when they’ve exhausted every possible romantic permutation and start coming up with ridiculous pairings. Finn kisses Emma? Blaine has a crush on Sam? The worst offense is Tina lusting after Blaine.  I still shudder at the thought of Tina putting vapor rub on Blaine and crying while he slept. It wasn’t sad and poignant. It was creepy and unsettling. Where did this even come from? I’m all for the underused Jenna Ushkowitz getting more screen time but this is not the way. Plus it exposes one of Glee’s worst offenses. Characters are completely and irrationally inconsistent. Why would Tina fall for a guy she knows is gay? And what exactly did Blaine have to apologize for? For being gay and not liking Tina the way she likes him? Glee doesn’t make a lot of sense most of the time. But this story line makes no sense none of the time.

3.  Does Scandal need to go back to fixing other people’s problems?

You know I love how completely nuts Scandal is. The show is ridiculous in the best, most entertaining way.  But, even for me, last week’s episode was too much. The President is now a murderer? Sure everyone on Scandal pretty much exists in a gray area. Despite all the talk about Olivia and company being “gladiators in suits” and the good guys, we know that’s not completely true. They are the good guys only in the right context.  But I still don’t want the President to be a murderer.  And I didn’t quite believe that Abby would turn on David like that. It’s a dangerous game Scandal is playing – characters should be flawed, that’s what makes them interesting. But they shouldn’t be so flawed that we are unable to root for them anymore.  Scandal needs to take a break from all the conspiracy and the back stabbing and the murder. This week’s episode (Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC) skips ahead 10 months and begins Scott Foley’s guest star arc. The official press release for the episode says the team will be handling a new case. A few stand-alone episodes will do the show good.

4. Is there a more obvious story line than the doctors trying to buy the hospital on Grey’s Anatomy?

If it’s the settlement from the lawsuit that’s bankrupting the hospital, of course the doctors are going to try to buy it. Why did we have to spend three episodes getting to this obvious conclusion.  I’m finding Grey’s Anatomy positively tedious this season. Anyone who can name all the new interns without looking them up deserves some sort of prize. Because I call them Smash, Tina Majorino, the one I always forget about, annoying girl in love with Jackson and Lexie 2.0.

5. Is there a more annoying character on TV right now than Scarlett on Nashville?

She is so whiny and her accent is way over the top. I actually think I’m on Avery’s side which can’t be what the show intended.  Nashville is starting to become the show I hoped it would be but I always want to fast forward through the Scarlett scenes. Really the only time I want to listen to her is when she’s singing.

What do you think about what’s happening on The Following, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Nashville and Scandal? Talk about it below.

 Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Amy Hargreaves is Gail, the woman Tom hit with his car on The Carrie Diaries. She plays Carrie’s sister Maggie on Homeland.

Nazanin Boniadi was the public relations expert following Alex around on Grey’s Anatomy. We just saw her on Go On as Hannah, Carrie’s friend who went out with Ryan. She was, of course, Barney’s girlfriend Nora on How I Met Your Mother.

Abby Elliott is Ted’s new crazy girlfriend Jeanette on How I Met Your Mother. She was on Saturday Night Live for four seasons and, interesting fact, was the original Kate in Ben and Kate before the role was recast with Dakota Johnson.

Susan Misner is having a busy TV season. She plays Louis Canning’s wife Simone on The Good Wife.  Stan Beeman’s wife Sandra on The Americans. And she was on The Following last night as Ryan’s sister Jenny.  I also recognized her as Dan and Jenny’s mother Alison on Gossip Girl.

This one was bugging me for a while. Leah Pipes was the senior who wanted Rachel to be topless in her movie on Glee.  She was Katie in the short-lived CW series Life is Wild.

Quotes of the Week

“I’m like the Joan Cusack character in the romantic comedy of your life.” Mindy to Jamie on The Mindy Project.

“Little choke doesn’t like caramel and also he’s dead.” Laurie about why the Latin Kings didn’t accept her gang initiation cake on Cougar Town.

“Child stars go downhill no matter how good they are. They could star in a Spielberg movie and still end up playing the nutty mom in some sitcom,” Virginia to Sabrina on Raising Hope in a nice little shout out to The Goonies.

“I’m a squirrel. You’re a nut. Winter’s coming and I’m going to store you in my cheek girl.” Schmidt to CeCe on New Girl.

“That’s for cancelling My Name Is Earl,” Burt as he kicked the NBC executive on Raising Hope.

“I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don’t you want that too?”Olivia to Edison on Scandal. Oh Olivia, my dear, sweet Olivia, you need SO much therapy.

“Do you think she’ll still like me now that I’m dead?” Chris after suffering food poisoning on Parks & Recreation. 

“I think you should stay and I think we should fight.” Pam to Jim on The Office.

“Rayna, I’m done talking.” Deacon to Rayna before kissing her in the elevator on Nashville.

“Not everyone in here looks like they are on the CW. Some of us are more PBS.” Artie on Glee.

What do you think about what’s happening on The Following, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Nashville? Talk about it below. If you’ve seen a familiar face or heard a great quote, let me know through my comment page. And don’t forget to follow my blog by entering your email in the upper right hand corner. That way you’ll always know when I have a new post up.

Am I Breaking Up with ‘Revenge?’


By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

Sometimes when I break up with a show, it is dramatic and abrupt. I turned off the TV midway through an episode of the new 90210, announced “I’m never watching this stupid show again” and have never looked back. (Same thing happened with The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I announced during one of Amy’s hair-flip whines, “I can’t take this show” and immediately deleted the series from my season pass manager).

Sometimes I agonize over the decision wondering if I’ll miss something if I don’t watch. That happened last season with American Idol. I had watched the show since its inception. To actively decide not to watch anymore took a few months to come to terms with, but, once the decision had been made, I didn’t miss Ryan and the gang.

And sometimes the break up sneaks up on me and I don’t even realize that it’s happening. I think I might be breaking up with Revenge and I didn’t even know it. We’re on Day 13 of the Amy’s Not Watching Revenge Watch. I am two episodes behind but every time I sit down to watch TV, I chose something else. I can’t seem to bring myself to watch the drama. Maybe it’s because of the fast and furious but basically nonsensical plot twists (what is the Initiative and do I care?). Maybe it’s because the show doesn’t adhere to its own rules (seriously I cannot abide the lack of security on Nolan’s computer). Maybe it’s because of all the bad characters and bad acting (your names begin with D,C and FA). Maybe it’s because they changed Takedas on me without ever acknowledging it. Maybe it’s because of that insipid Neiman Marcus commercial. I don’t know. All I know is last season I enjoyed the show’s fun, soapy antics and this season, it seems like a chore to watch the series.

How about you? Are you still watching Revenge? What shows have you broken up with this season?  Should I watch the two episodes of Revenge that are sitting on my TiVo taunting me? Talk about it below.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Joe Nieves was one of the lawyers questioning Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. He is Carl, the bartender at MacLaren’s, on How I Met Your Mother.

Chelcie Ross was Harold Pierce, the CEO who was acting crazy as his son was about to take his company public on Scandal. He was Conrad Hilton on Mad Men . He also played Avery’s grandfather, Harper Avery on Grey’s Anatomy.

Becky Ann Baker was Alma,  the prosecuting attorney in the other county on The Good Wife. She plays Hannah’s mother on Girls, Karen’s mom on Smash and was Jean Weir on the wonderful Freaks & Geeks. Fun fact: Her real life husband is actor Dylan Baker, who plays the devious Colin Sweeney on The Good Wife.

Richard Gant was the lawyer at the beginning of The Mindy Project advising Mindy, Jeremy and Danny. He was Owen’s dad, Owen Thoreau Sr.,  on Men of a Certain Age.

Betsy Brandt was Hank’s ex-wife on Parenthood. She’s Marie on Breaking Bad. and she was also the abused woman Violet met at the airport last season on Private Practice.

Quotes of the Week

“You’re right. If those 40-year-olds on Glee can act like teenagers than so can we.” Virginia to Burt on Raising Hope.

“I told him you’re Italian so he might call you Tina,” Jack to Liz on 30 Rock.

“I’ll convert to Indianism.” Schmidt to CeCe on New Girl.

“I really love you but I can’t do this anymore.” Mark to Sarah on Parenthood. That scene hurt my heart to watch.

“We want different things. Every time we try to ignore that we end up hurting each other. We don’t work. That’s what we know and that hasn’t changed.” Owen to Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy. This one didn’t hurt my heart at all. I just can’t care about these two being together.

Exchanges of the Week

“I have been sure for a long time that this was never going to happen and I was fine with it. Ergo it couldn’t matter.” Liz to Criss about getting married on 30 Rock.

“It’s okay to be a human woman.” Criss to Liz

“No it’s not, it’s the worst.” Liz’s response

“What if he comes back?” Alicia to Kalinda about Nick on The Good Wife

“He’s not coming back.” Kalinda to Alicia.

“You sure?” Alicia to Kalinda.

“Yeah.” Kalinda’s response. So do we think Kalinda killed Nick and do we care? I”m just so happy that he’s off the show.

That’s all for today. I’m back next week to begin my favorites of 2012 lists. If you have a favorite episode or TV moment from 2012, let me know about it via my contact page. Have a great weekend.

Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for November 27, 2012

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Here’s a few weeks worth of familiar faces and quotes.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Molly Cheek was the woman interviewing Jess for a job on New Girl (remember Jess cried because her dog was so small). She played Jason Biggs’ mom in all the American Pie movies.

Jennifer Hasty was Henry’s biological grandmother on Private Practice. She plays Boo’s mom Nanette on Bunheads.

Mark Christopher Lawrence was Unique’s dad on Glee. He was Big Mike on Chuck.

Luke Kleintank is Grace’s new boyfriend Connor on The Good Wife. He is Finn Abernathy on Bones and was Elliot on Gossip Girl.  Haviland Morris was the member of AA who had to testify at the judge’s hearing.  To me, she will forever be Caroline Mulford from Sixteen Candles.

Valerie Cruz is the CIA agent protecting Jess and the kids in the safe house on Homeland. Cruz is a very familiar face. In addition to several guest star appearances, she was Dr. Zita Alvarez on the cancelled Shonda Rhimes series Off the Map and Kathy Sullivan on Alphas. We will see her again this Sunday and my guess is that she’ll have a lot to do because that seemed like the least safe safe house possible. What was with all the windows?

TV Gal reader Tom recognized Gary Anthony Williams as the news reporter covering the Natesville Radish Festival on Raising Hope. He was Stevie’s dad on Malcolm in the Middle.

Mary Pat Gleason was the former spy who now ran a bed and breakfast on Scandal. She was Ida on The Middleman. Sam Anderson was the former spy turned doctor.  He was Bernard (of Rose and Bernard fame) on Lost but , to me, he will always be the evil lawyer Holland Manners on Angel. Richard Gilliland was Barry, the lawyer for the hacker on Scandal.  I always remember his as J.D. on Designing Women. In real life, he’s married to actress Jean Smart.

Michael Trucco is Nate Ryan, the brother of the man who invested in Jack’s bar on Revenge (otherwise known as the most useless story line of the season). Trucco was just seen as Robin’s boyfriend Nick on How I Met Your Mother. He’s also Justin on Fairly Legal. A few seasons ago, he was Kate’s boyfriend Detective Tom Demming on Castle and he was Samuel Anders on Battlestar Galactica.

L.Scott Caldwell was the wife of the man Sam’s mother was having a long-term affair with. She was Rose on Lost, Ricky’s foster mom Margaret on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Lydia’s mom Enid on Southland.

And yes that was Principal Belding of Saved By the Bell as one of the judges Marshall was presenting to on How I Met Your Mother.

Quotes of the Week

“I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows.”  Barney to Nick about Robin on How I Met Your Mother. The show keeps pulling me back into this story arc.

“My mom is a little bit perky. . . She doesn’t have my dark side.” Jess  on New Girl.

“Do you think I really care what happens to me anymore?” Brody on Homeland.

“A big shot from the big city with his fine credentials and heaven-may-care grooming doesn’t have the kind of power he’s accustomed to.” The prison warden to Saul on Homeland.

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Familiar Faces and Quotes of the Week November 9, 2012

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Diane recognized a slew of familiar faces on Castle.  Armin Shimerman played Benjamin, the man who sold TV replicas. He was Principal Synder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Quark on Deep Space Nine. Ed Quinn was Gabriel Winters, the actor who played Captain of Nebula-9. He was Nathan Stark on Eureka. Erin Way was the best friend of the victim. She’s Kat on Alphas and I remember her as the receptionist Wendy Chapin-Lomeister on the cancelled-too-soon Detroit 1-8-7. Christina Moore was Stephanie Fyre, the actress who played Lt. Chloe. She was Candy the nurse on Hawthorne and Naomi’s mother Tracy on 90210.

Afton Williamson is Makena, Juliette’s publicist on Nashville. She was Helen Walker last season on Homeland.

Angella recognized Abraham Benrubi, Jerry on ER and Ben on Men in Trees, as one of the suspects on Bones.

Anika Noni Rose was Joan’s former friend and colleague on Elementary. Last season she was Sam’s sister Corrine on Private Practice and Peter’s nemesis Wendy Scott-Carr on The Good Wife.  Rose will be back on The Good Wife later this season.

Here’s a fun why does she look familiar face: Zoe Perry played Katy, Cristina’s patient who underwent risky heart surgery on Grey’s Anatomy.  She’s the daughter of Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne) and Jeff Perry, who currently plays Cyrus on Scandal and was Meredith’s dad Thatcher Grey on Grey’s Anatomy.

Quotes of the Week

“If you remember I’m the one who came up with that theory when everyone else was calling him the patriot of the century.” Carrie on Homeland after Quentin tells her not to trust Brody.

“That’s more than a ‘no,’ that’s a never.” Peter when Maddie asks him to run as her Lieutenant Governor on The Good Wife.

“Okay if you are going to insult me, you’re going to have to use smaller words.”  Axl to his tutor on The Middle.

“Alex don’t fight with her. She might have a shiv.” Luke after Haley is arrested and kicked out of school for assaulting a police officer on Modern Family. I’m glad Haley is back home and will no longer merely be a face on the computer screen.

“I’m a fan of good sci-fi. Star Trek, Battlestar, that Joss Whedon show.” Castle to Beckett on Castle.

“I don’t want the circus. I just want you. I want us.” George to Dallas on Suburgatory. They are definitely my new favorite TV couple.

“Dance or you’re fired.” Meredith to her interns after telling them to have a 30 second dance party on Grey’s Anatomy.

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Familiar Faces and Quotes of the Week for November 1, 2012

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

Here are this week’s familiar faces and favorite quotes.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Harvey Guillen was Elijah, the boyfriend of Sabrina’s gay best friend on Raising Hope. He was Alistair on Huge and, as I believe I’ve already told you, no one on Huge will go unrecognized on my watch.

Lindsay Sloane was Ben’s crazy ex-girlfriend Louise on Ben and Kate.  She will always be Marcy on Grosse Pointe to me.

I want to apologize for not figuring out this one earlier. Carter MacIntyre, who plays Luke, Jane’s new guardian angel on Drop Dead Diva, is Nick Calhoun, Sheldon’s suicidal patient on Private Practice. I didn’t love Luke. I missed Fred too much. How about you?

Matt Long is the new ER doctor on Private Practice. He was Jack on Jack & Bobby and Joey, one of the copywriters on Peggy’s team, on Mad Men.  We just saw him on an episode of The Newsoom as one of Leona’s (Jane Fonda) employees. Charlie Hofheimer, Peggy’s boyfriend Abe Drexler on Mad Men, was the father of the missing girl. Years ago I saw Hofheimer in a play at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and he was amazing. I’m still waiting for him to become a breakout star.

Eve Gordon was the mom of the missing girl on Scandal. She will always be Felicity’s mom on Felicity to me but she’s also currently playing June’s mom on Don’t Trust the B__ in Apartment 23.

Ethan Embry is Arizona’s new physical therapist on Grey’s Anatomy. We saw him this summer in the season finale of Drop Dead Diva as the husband who wanted his wife to have brain surgery.  He was also Declan on Brotherhood and will forever be remembered as Preston in Can’t Hardly Wait. Embry will soon be seen on Once Upon a Time.

Molly Price was the secretary who had been systematically killing people so her boss would advance on Elementary. Price was Officer Faith Yokas on Third Watch.

Quotes of the Week

“He relieved the pain and then he put you back together as someone else.” Carrie to Brody about Abu Nazir on Homeland.

“Don’t give up. That’s not the Lisa Loeb I know.” Tracy to Liz on 30 Rock.

“I’m letting you go. That’s what you want , right?” The President to Olivia on Scandal.

“Father, sometimes I read US Weekly and I’m so concerned for the state of the world.”  Bryan to his priest on The New Normal. By the way, The New Normal is getting better. Discuss.

“It’s so weird being my own role model. I recommend it.” Mindy on The Mindy Project.

“I’m just 90% sure, he’s 100% gay.” Claire about Alex’s new boyfriend on Modern Family. This storyline was brought to you by The Middle.

“Doesn’t society degrade you enough? The beer ads, the wage gap, and the chart-topping return of Chris Brown.” Tessa to her classmates who want to dress like sluts for Halloween on Suburgatory.

Remember if you’ve seen a familiar face or heard a great quote, email me through my contact page and let me know about it. I’ll include them in next week’s post.

Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for October 25, 2012

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Skyler Day was the teen who wanted to keep sailing even though she might lose her foot on Grey’s Anatomy. She was Amy, Drew’s girlfriend, on Parenthood. Meeghan Holaway was the lawyer for Derek, Cristina, Meredith and Arizona. She played Amanda Burke, the lawyer Kathryn and John had on Switched at Birth before they hired Craig (Sam Page).  Ned Vaughn was the lawyer for the airlines. We just saw him in an episode of The Newsroom, where he played a representative for Halliburton who came on Will’s show.

Patrick Fischler was Artie Hornbacher, the NSA employee who tricked Olivia on Scandal. Fischler has been on so many things but I remember him most as Jimmy Barrett, the comic who did the Utz Potato Chip commercials on Mad Men and Phil, a DHARMA Initiative employee on Lost. Wendy Davis was Kimberly Mitchell, the talk show host. She’s Joan on Army Wives. Steven W. Bailey, who played the bartender Joe on Grey’s Anatomy, was the medical examiner. Brian Letscher is Tom, the secret service agent. I wanted to point him out because he’s the brother of Matt Letscher, who played the evil Billy Chambers last season on Scandal. So Shonda Rhimes hire within her TV family and within real families as well.

Adam J. Harrington was the robot like Congressman on Parks and Recreation. He was Ethan last season on The Secret Circle and Agent Walker on Dexter.

Rosa Salazar was Molly, Kate’s wild high school friend on Ben & Kate. She played Zoe, the woman who changed her mind and kept her baby last season on Parenthood.

Yancey Arias was the father of the missing girl on Elementary. He played Senator Tom Kingsley last season on Revenge but I’ll always remember him as Miguel on Kingpin.

Matthew Del Negro was Kent, Penny’s physical therapist on Happy Endings. We just saw him in the season premiere of The Good Wife as the police officer who pulled over Zach. He’s lodged in my memory as Brian Cammarata on The Sopranos.

Rachel Shelley was Milah, Rumplestiltskin’s wife on Once Upon a Time. She was Helena Peabody on The L Word

Quotes of the Week

“I loved you . . . if only the circumstances had been wildly different. You’re a disgrace to your nation Sergeant Nicholas Brody. You’re a traitor and a terrorist. And now it’s time to pay for that.” Carrie to Brody on Homeland.

“You’ll never be done.” Amanda to Emily on Revenge.

“I’ll wait until I hear them all sing and then I’ll text in my choice.” Axl on which Presidential candidate he’ll cast his vote for on The Middle.

“You gave me cookie. I got you cookie.” Nick to Schmidt on New Girl. This is definitely one of those quotes that makes no sense out of context but I loved it so much I had to include it this week.

“There are no bad ideas Lemon. Only great ideas that go horribly wrong.” Jack to Liz on 30 Rock.

“You see her again, I’ll blow you away. And I’m an excellent shot, remember?” the First Lady to the President on Scandal.

“Christopher, this is no time to be petulant.” Tim to Christopher on Project Runway when he won’t stop sewing when his time is up.

“I’m proud of you but also a bit fearful that we’re verging on what I call feelings territory so let’s stare at the fire in silence.” Ron to Tom on Parks and Recreation.

“It’s going to be old school – guitars and great songs. Just a show for people who love actual music.” Rayna to Juliette about her new tour on Nashville. Rayna could rival Victoria Grayson for biting one liners.

“Now I don’t feel like pie. Wait. No. It’s back.” Kevin on The Office.

“He won the election. Honey, our son is the new president of Cedar Knoll Middle School. God help us all.” Adam to Kristina on Parenthood.

“I will always come find you.” Emmett to Bay on Switched at Birth. Thanks to Diane for the quote.

Best Exchange of the Week

“Who’s your favorite rapper?” Nick to Schmidt in a flashback to their college days on New Girl.

“Brian Austin Green.” Schmidt’s response. I would watch a whole show about Nick and Schmidt in college. Can we make that happen?

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Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for October 18

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal®

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Talia Balsam is the Vice President’s wife Cynthia Walden on Homeland. She’s Roger Sterling’s ex-wife Mona on Mad Men (and, fun fact, married to John Slattery in real life).  She was also Jack’s ex-wife on Without a Trace.

Sinqua Walls is Lancelot on Once Upon a Time. He was Grace’s boyfriend Daniel on The Secret Life of the American Teenager (by the way I’ve finally broken my ridiculous addiction to that show) and Boyd on Teen Wolf.  He was also Jamarcus on during the JD McCoy season of Friday Night Lights.

It’s been a busy fall for Tim Guinee. The actor who played D.A. investigator Andrew Wiley on The Good Wife (he was the one who always had his kids with him) plays the deceased-but-still-gets-to-be-on-the-show Ben Matheson on Revolution and CIA agent Scott Ryan on Homeland.

Margo Harshaman was Alex, the new assistant Sheldon hired on The Big Bang Theory. She played Amanda Peet’s sister on the short-lived sitcom Bent last season.  Maybe the The Big Bang Theory casting director liked that show because Pasha Lychnikoff is Dimitri, the astronaut giving Howard a hard time in space. He was Vlad, one of the construction workers, last season on Bent.

Michaela Watkins was one of the lesbian moms on Modern Family.  She was Gina, Schmidt’s boss last season on New Girl and Matthew’s girlfriend Lucy on The New Adventures of Old Christine.  And I still miss her hilarious impersonations from the one season she spent on Saturday Night Live. Wendi McLendon-Covey was the other mom.  She was, of course, Rita in the movie Bridesmaids.

Where Have I Seen That Name Before?

TV Gal reader Indira was excited about the My Name is Earl shout out on Raising Hope. Maw Maw was staying at the Earl J. Hickey Nursing Home.

Quotes of the Week

“I was right.” Carrie after Saul shows her Brody’s video on Homeland. I have watched that scene at least ten times.  It is one of the most rewarding and wonderful moments of television ever.

“So it’s true. Even the devil himself didn’t want you.” Conrad to Victoria when he realizes she’s still alive on Revenge.

“I love it when you’re bossy. It means something hot is going to happen.” Nolan to Emily on Revenge.

“Actually I was thinking about taking a personal day.” Brick when he doesn’t want to go to school on The Middle.

“I saw the Today Show so I know how to make an autumn pizza that your team will love.” Liz to Jack when he asks her if she’s seen the news on 30 Rock.

“I still can’t believe he didn’t tell me.” Pam after Jim tells her about pursuing the new business with his college buddy on The Office. I’m not sure what the show is trying to do here but I’m in no mood for any sort of marital problems between Jim and Pam.

“Hayley going to college is a miracle. Lily going to kindergarten is the law.” Claire to Mitchell on Modern Family.

“‘Lost’ they were all dead. I think.” Tommy on Arrow. Thanks to Barry for the quote.

“Every once in a while, you and I deserve to have an evening where we pretend they don’t exist,”  John to Kathryn about their children on Switched at Birth.

Remember if you see a familiar face or hear a great quote, email me about them through my contact page.

Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for October 11

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal®

Here are some of my favorite familiar faces and quotes from the week in TV.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Zoe Jarman is the office assistant Betsy on The Mindy Project.  She was the camp counselor Poppy on Huge. I bring this up because Huge was an amazing show and I can’t believe it was cancelled after one season.  I blame myself for not being around to promote it more. (When I interviewed Claire Danes about Homeland last year, she told me she was a huge fan of Huge too. She’s still friends with Winnie Holzman, the woman behind My So-Called Life and Huge. This made me very happy.)

Bailey Buntain, Ginny on Bunheads, was the freshman Sue was assigned to help on The Middle.

Adina Porter was the neurosurgeon who consulted with Derek on Grey’s Anatomy. We just saw her as Kendra on The Newsroom and she’s Lettie Mae Thornton on True Blood. She was also Juliet’s principal on Ringer, a show I already confessed that I couldn’t stop watching.

Jane Carr was the nanny Mrs. Buckminster on How I Met Your Mother. I remember her as Louise on Dear John. She also played Nora, a member of the DAR who was frenemies with Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls (which probably means she should be showing up on Bunheads sometime soon).

There were a slew of familiar faces on Scandal. Elise Neal was the woman who had a 15 year affair with the deceased Reverend.  She was Yvonne on The Hughleys and Tia on All of Us.  Leslie Grossman was back as the coroner on Scandal. She was Mary Cherry on Popular (a show you need to watch if you’ve never seen it. It was from Ryan Murphy before he was Ryan Murphy). We also just saw Grossman in the pilot of The New Normal as the potential surrogate who threatened to drink and eat sushi if she didn’t get what she wanted.  Debra Mooney was the Supreme Court Justice who is somehow tied to Quinn/Lindsay’s (Quinsay?) situation. Mooney was, of course, Edna on my beloved Everwood.

Diane recognized Caroline Lagerfelt as Anjelica Henley, the wealthy woman who set up her own home burglary on Castle.  She plays CeCe Rhodes on Gossip Girl and Diane remembers her as Spike’s mom on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Angella recognized Amanda Schull as the girlfriend of the blackjack dealer who was murdered on Vegas. Schull was Meredith on Pretty Little Liars, Katie on One Tree Hill and Angella remembered her as Jody in the movie Center Stage.

Quotes of the Week

“I’m not playing this game – Thunderdome.” Alicia to Clark, the firm’s court appointed trustee on The Good Wife.

“We are just two people who want to be friends but are sometimes attracted to each other.” Nick to Jess on The New Girl. I really like the way this relationship is playing out.

“You are my first love and I want more than anything for you to be my last but I can’t do this anymore. At least not now. We’re done.” Rachel to Finn on Glee. This is totally unrelated to this heartbreaking quote, but is anyone else bothered by Rachel’s hair extensions and eye make-up this season? I know that she’s in the Big Apple but I refuse to believe that this is how Rachel would look now. I don’t care if she had a makeover.

“It wasn’t nothing. You’re funny. You’re pretty. You’re nice. I like talking to you.”  Hank to Sarah after he kissed her on Parenthood. If I weren’t so worried about Kristina, this definitely would be the story line stressing me out the most.  True story – I’m eating my way through a bag of potato chips just writing about this.  (40% reduced fat barbeque potato chips but stress eating none the less).

“She wants her something borrowed to be Jessica Biel’s youth.” Liz about Jenna on 30 Rock. Oh how I’ve missed this show!

Best Exchange of the Week

“All I keep thinking is we’re going to crash on some tropical island and get attacked by a polar bear.” Bailey to Webber on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Webber to Bailey.

“You should watch more TV.” Bailey’s response. This may be the best advice Bailey has ever given.

That’s a wrap up of some of the week’s best familiar faces and quotes. I’m still catching up from visiting my parents in the House That Technology Forgot (no cable, no DVR, no Internet. It’s like living on Little House on the Prairie) so I’ll probably have more of this week’s quotes and familiar faces in next week’s edition. And please email me your favorite quotes and familiar faces through my contact form.

Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal®

Back by popular demand and because I love doing them, I bring you the best familiar faces and quotes on TV last week.

Where Have I Seen Them Before

Jamie Chung played Mulan on Once Upon a Time – we will see quite a bit of her this season. Chung was Ed Helms’ fiancée Lauren in The Hangover II. Michael Raymond-James was the mysterious man at the beginning of the episode who received a postcard with the word “broken” on it. He was Britt on the much-missed Terriers (if you didn’t see this show when it was on, you need to watch it now.) He was also Rene Lenier on True Blood.  Sarah Bolger was Princess Aurora. Bolger was Mary Tudor on The Tudors and if you really want to feel old she was also the little girl Christy in the movie In America. Julian Morris was Prince Phillip. He’s Wren on Pretty Little Liars, Dr. Andrew Wade in the final season of ER and Anders on the short-lived My Generation.

Todd Grinnell is Charlotte’s sketchy doctor on Revenge. He was Andrew’s boyfriend on Desperate Housewives and I always remember him from the comedy Four Kings.

Kurt Fuller is Kristina’s doctor on Parenthood. He was on the dad on the comedy Better With You (another show that aired that I totally could have used a support group for).He also recurs as Judge Peter Dunaway on The Good Wife and as Woody on Psych. Rose Abdoo was Gwen, the cancer patient Kristina befriended. She plays Sam on Bunheads, which of course also means she was on Gilmore Girls, where she played Gypsy.

David Walton was Jess’ blind date Sam on New Girl. Walton is in my “I wish he had a hit show” file. He played opposite Amanda Peete on Bent last season (a show that never got the chance it deserved) and was also Vance on Perfect Couples.

Erynn recognized Dallas Roberts, who plays Alicia’s brother Owen on The Good Wife, as the husband of the victim on Elementary.  He was also Miles in Rubicon.

Jeremy Davidson was the District Attorney giving Alicia a difficult time on The Good Wife. He’s Chase on Army Wives and Kitty’s boyfriend Jack on Brothers & Sisters.

Michael Trucco is currently playing Robin’s boyfriend Nick on How I Met Your Mother. He was also Kate’s boyfriend Detective Tom Demming on Castle and Samuel Anders on Battlestar Galactica.

It was driving me crazy trying to figure out how I knew Daniella Alonso, the actress playing Nora on Revolution. And so much better to worry about a familiar face then to think about how utterly ridiculous and poorly acted Revolution is (I need to begin my character relocation program for Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito stat!).  Alonso was Carlotta, the nurse for Saracen’s grandmother on Friday Night Lights.  She was also Brenda on My Generation so it’s good to see that those actors are all finding work.

Quotes of the Week

“So you’re not their favorite parent. You’re a solid second place.” Mike to Frankie when she finds out the kids prefer Mike over her on The Middle.

“As my uncle used to say: let’s not let a botched kidnapping ruin a perfectly good afternoon.”  Shorty to Jay on Modern Family.

“You must leave because despite what you hope, I’m still a monster.”  Mr. Gold to Belle on Once Upon a Time.

“He wants to protect you for anything bad happening and here’s the thing: the bad thing is already happening.” The cancer patient Gwen to Kristina about Adam on Parenthood.

“Are you cooking a frittata in a sauce pan? What is this? Prison?” Schmidt to Jess on New Girl.

“And you were right – I had no idea.” Castle to Beckett on the season premiere of Castle. Thanks to Lisa who sent in this quote and reminded me that the line referenced the exchange between Castle and Beckett at the end of the show’s first episode.

That’s a wrap up of some of last week’s best familiar faces and quotes. Remember to email me your favorite quotes and familiar faces through my contact page.