Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for October 18

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal®

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Talia Balsam is the Vice President’s wife Cynthia Walden on Homeland. She’s Roger Sterling’s ex-wife Mona on Mad Men (and, fun fact, married to John Slattery in real life).  She was also Jack’s ex-wife on Without a Trace.

Sinqua Walls is Lancelot on Once Upon a Time. He was Grace’s boyfriend Daniel on The Secret Life of the American Teenager (by the way I’ve finally broken my ridiculous addiction to that show) and Boyd on Teen Wolf.  He was also Jamarcus on during the JD McCoy season of Friday Night Lights.

It’s been a busy fall for Tim Guinee. The actor who played D.A. investigator Andrew Wiley on The Good Wife (he was the one who always had his kids with him) plays the deceased-but-still-gets-to-be-on-the-show Ben Matheson on Revolution and CIA agent Scott Ryan on Homeland.

Margo Harshaman was Alex, the new assistant Sheldon hired on The Big Bang Theory. She played Amanda Peet’s sister on the short-lived sitcom Bent last season.  Maybe the The Big Bang Theory casting director liked that show because Pasha Lychnikoff is Dimitri, the astronaut giving Howard a hard time in space. He was Vlad, one of the construction workers, last season on Bent.

Michaela Watkins was one of the lesbian moms on Modern Family.  She was Gina, Schmidt’s boss last season on New Girl and Matthew’s girlfriend Lucy on The New Adventures of Old Christine.  And I still miss her hilarious impersonations from the one season she spent on Saturday Night Live. Wendi McLendon-Covey was the other mom.  She was, of course, Rita in the movie Bridesmaids.

Where Have I Seen That Name Before?

TV Gal reader Indira was excited about the My Name is Earl shout out on Raising Hope. Maw Maw was staying at the Earl J. Hickey Nursing Home.

Quotes of the Week

“I was right.” Carrie after Saul shows her Brody’s video on Homeland. I have watched that scene at least ten times.  It is one of the most rewarding and wonderful moments of television ever.

“So it’s true. Even the devil himself didn’t want you.” Conrad to Victoria when he realizes she’s still alive on Revenge.

“I love it when you’re bossy. It means something hot is going to happen.” Nolan to Emily on Revenge.

“Actually I was thinking about taking a personal day.” Brick when he doesn’t want to go to school on The Middle.

“I saw the Today Show so I know how to make an autumn pizza that your team will love.” Liz to Jack when he asks her if she’s seen the news on 30 Rock.

“I still can’t believe he didn’t tell me.” Pam after Jim tells her about pursuing the new business with his college buddy on The Office. I’m not sure what the show is trying to do here but I’m in no mood for any sort of marital problems between Jim and Pam.

“Hayley going to college is a miracle. Lily going to kindergarten is the law.” Claire to Mitchell on Modern Family.

“‘Lost’ they were all dead. I think.” Tommy on Arrow. Thanks to Barry for the quote.

“Every once in a while, you and I deserve to have an evening where we pretend they don’t exist,”  John to Kathryn about their children on Switched at Birth.

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2 thoughts on “Where Have I Seen Them Before and Quotes of the Week for October 18

  1. I quit cold turkey in the middle of an episode! It happened when there were so many other shows waiting on my TiVo that I couldn’t waste time on SLOTAT anymore. But it was a difficult TV addiction to break.

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