Familiar Faces and Quotes of the Week for November 1, 2012

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

Here are this week’s familiar faces and favorite quotes.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Harvey Guillen was Elijah, the boyfriend of Sabrina’s gay best friend on Raising Hope. He was Alistair on Huge and, as I believe I’ve already told you, no one on Huge will go unrecognized on my watch.

Lindsay Sloane was Ben’s crazy ex-girlfriend Louise on Ben and Kate.  She will always be Marcy on Grosse Pointe to me.

I want to apologize for not figuring out this one earlier. Carter MacIntyre, who plays Luke, Jane’s new guardian angel on Drop Dead Diva, is Nick Calhoun, Sheldon’s suicidal patient on Private Practice. I didn’t love Luke. I missed Fred too much. How about you?

Matt Long is the new ER doctor on Private Practice. He was Jack on Jack & Bobby and Joey, one of the copywriters on Peggy’s team, on Mad Men.  We just saw him on an episode of The Newsoom as one of Leona’s (Jane Fonda) employees. Charlie Hofheimer, Peggy’s boyfriend Abe Drexler on Mad Men, was the father of the missing girl. Years ago I saw Hofheimer in a play at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and he was amazing. I’m still waiting for him to become a breakout star.

Eve Gordon was the mom of the missing girl on Scandal. She will always be Felicity’s mom on Felicity to me but she’s also currently playing June’s mom on Don’t Trust the B__ in Apartment 23.

Ethan Embry is Arizona’s new physical therapist on Grey’s Anatomy. We saw him this summer in the season finale of Drop Dead Diva as the husband who wanted his wife to have brain surgery.  He was also Declan on Brotherhood and will forever be remembered as Preston in Can’t Hardly Wait. Embry will soon be seen on Once Upon a Time.

Molly Price was the secretary who had been systematically killing people so her boss would advance on Elementary. Price was Officer Faith Yokas on Third Watch.

Quotes of the Week

“He relieved the pain and then he put you back together as someone else.” Carrie to Brody about Abu Nazir on Homeland.

“Don’t give up. That’s not the Lisa Loeb I know.” Tracy to Liz on 30 Rock.

“I’m letting you go. That’s what you want , right?” The President to Olivia on Scandal.

“Father, sometimes I read US Weekly and I’m so concerned for the state of the world.”  Bryan to his priest on The New Normal. By the way, The New Normal is getting better. Discuss.

“It’s so weird being my own role model. I recommend it.” Mindy on The Mindy Project.

“I’m just 90% sure, he’s 100% gay.” Claire about Alex’s new boyfriend on Modern Family. This storyline was brought to you by The Middle.

“Doesn’t society degrade you enough? The beer ads, the wage gap, and the chart-topping return of Chris Brown.” Tessa to her classmates who want to dress like sluts for Halloween on Suburgatory.

Remember if you’ve seen a familiar face or heard a great quote, email me through my contact page and let me know about it. I’ll include them in next week’s post.

1 thought on “Familiar Faces and Quotes of the Week for November 1, 2012

  1. As a total HARRY POTTER nerd I feel it is my obligation to share my favorite quote of the week. Phil about his open house being a bust on MODERN FAMILY:
    “I kind of just took it out on a Harry Potter. Seriously, though, a Gryffindor letting his mom carry his Quidditch broom? How Hufflepuff is that?”

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