I’m Running Away with ‘The Good Wife’

Photo: David M. Russell ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Photo: David M. Russell ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

After watching the “Hitting the Fan” episode of The Good Wife early last week, I tweeted “I want to whisk next Sunday’s episode of #TheGoodWife off to a romantic weekend in Paris. I love it that much.”

Sunday’s episode of the CBS drama was easily its best. But it was also one of the best hours of television this year and, I’ll just go ahead and say it, one of the best hours of television ever. It combined nail-biting suspense with humor and, most shockingly, the lead character’s decision to turn her back on her inner moral compass.

Not only is it rare for a series to hit such a creative high in its fifth season, but who would have thought the show would be in this position at this time last year when Kalinda was mired in a Fifty Shades of Food Products story line with her sneering ex-husband. Is this what the term October surprise really means?

The genius of the show is that it successfully mixes the courtroom drama with the work place drama with the political drama with the romantic drama with the family drama. And it’s doing that brilliantly this season. Here’s what’s going so right:

The Moral Downfall of Alicia
Alicia not only allowed Peter to threaten Neil Gross. She celebrated the fact that he did (and I’m not convinced that she didn’t explicitly ask him to make that speech). She was drinking champagne. Alicia started the series in horror of her husband’s transgressions. Now she’s embracing them. Alicia has always been a fascinatingly complex character but it’s so rare that a network show allows their main protagonist – their title character! — to break bad.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Running Away with ‘The Good Wife’

  1. Loving every single minute of it. I mean I completely agree. The episode was one of the best from the whole series and in television. Just fantastic. I actually watch it live (except I’m not a Nielsen household so I don’t count anyway). Now that is love. I feel like everyone was good before but they have all just stepped their game up even more this season. It is quite magical to watch. I need to watch the episode again if only to see angry/sexy Will try Alicia’s stuff off the table. I feel like if they were alone, he might have thrown Alicia on the table and they would have had a really, really hot go at it again before he quietly told her she was fired.

  2. re: “Dramatics, Your Honor”/The Good Wife
    Thanks Amy for sharing your grieving stage for Will Gardner. I was shocked and now taking into consideration real life loss when death is sudden and without warning.
    I still can’t imagine The Good Wife without Will Gardner so I’m half heartedly watching this Sunday?
    For me, I hope to see Josh Charles soon in any role worthy of his acting abilities.

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