It’s time to start a ‘Smash’ Support Group

Smash - Season 2

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

My friends, it has come to this.

On Wednesday, NBC announced that, effective April 6,  it would move Smash to Saturday nights. Once abandoned on Saturday, the beleaguered drama will be allowed to air the entirety of its second season.  Smash showrunner Josh Safran told TVLine this week that the final episode of the season “was constructed as a series finale.”

So we must make a decision. Do we jump off this Titanic of a show and spend our precious viewing hours elsewhere. Or do we go all in and commit to watching Smash until the bitter end. I, for one, am going down with the ship. I will watch Smash until the last curtain falls.

I’m not exactly sure why I’ve decided to stick with the show because heaven (on earth) knows Smash has some serious flaws this season. I’m mean seriously how is it possible that they managed to come up with a character who is more annoying than Ellis? (Oh don’t even pretend like you don’t know who I’m talking about.)

It’s moments like this when we need our fellow TV viewers the most.  I decided we so need to form a Smash support group.

Each week, the group will meet and

  1. Wear oversized scarves.
  2. Randomly send out a person to go and get coffee for the creative team.
  3. Pout and threaten to quit the group the moment someone disagrees with you even slightly (thanks to @sj_martin for this one).
  4. Drink martinis and throw them at each other (thanks to @beccarebec for this one).
  5. Blame all our problems on Jerry.
  6. Form a search party for Jennifer Hudson (Is she hanging out in New York City with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson?)
  7. Try to buy tickets for Bombshell and The Hit Lit.
  8. Debate whether Franco is a good match for Grace.
  9. Go out to eat and break into song for no apparent reason.
  10. Start to tell a story, stop half-way through and then NEVER revisit that story again.

Are you still watching Smash? Do you want to join the Smash support group? Talk about it below and tell me what you would like to see happen during our weekly meetings. Remember, we are in this together.